We build & manage high-performance websites - That's it!

We build and manage lead-generating, accessible, and great-looking websites for businesses here in Florida. Our websites are high-performance, built to be easy to use on all devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.), built with all of the SEO necessities, accessible to people who use assistive technologies (WCAG 2.1 & Section 508) and always kept up-to-date by a dedicated website manager.

Is this the same as managed WordPress hosting?

No! It's much more than that. We manage and maintain your WordPress website, your hosting account, the content on your WordPress website and keep all of it running as efficiently as possible through continuous analysis and maintenance. Your website will be located on its' own hosting account (not multi-site) with FTP/SSH, have SSL, and our proprietary security and performance analysis tools working in the background at all times. It's like having a regular hosting account running a WordPress install with a full-time website administrator on staff. A dedicated expert will maintain everything for you, with our tools, 24-7-365. Your website will always be working to generate leads and keep your existing customers happy. You will be able to focus on your business, not hassling with website updates, fixing a crash or malware infection or trying to get help from unresponsive tech vendors.

Why is Acessibility important?

There are a very large number of potential clients surfing the web with the assistance of "assistive technologies", which include screen readers among other things, so it is important to build your site so that it works with those tools. Doing this can help you sell more and avoid legal problems. Accessibility lawsuits have exploded in some areas of the United States over the past few years. It's a smart business move to provide a website that is as accessible as possible. We will build (or rebuild) your site so that it is in compliance with WCAG 2.1 or Section 508 requirements and make sure it stays compliant as accessibility requirements and associated assistive technologies change over time.

How much does it cost?

We do a free website needs audit and determine a custom monthly fee based on your unique needs. The fees our existing clients are paying range from $75 to $325 per month. The majority of small, local businesses, fall in the lower half of that range. To give you an idea of where you might fall, a basic law firm website would be around $125/month, a local non-profit or brand new business might be around $75 and an organization with a large number of products or a need for online payment processing would be up in the $325/month range.

The free website audit doesn't obligate you to sign up with us but we need to know what you have (if anything), what you would like to have, what your goals are online and how much work you'll need from us each month.

Fees are locked in for two years which means they are guaranteed not to go up. We work hard to avoid raising fees even beyond that two year period. Our last fee increase was 4 years ago and it was only $5/month.

Customer Comments

"Tom is very easy to work with, has a great sense of humor and is incredibly quick to respond when we need something."

"I had no idea how website accessibility requirements worked but Tom explained it to me in simple terms without unnecessary technical jargon."

"Very quick response and didn't nickel and dime us on fees. The best service we've had from this type of company."