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Private Social Network & SaaS App Development

Private Social Networks & SaaS Applications

We build and maintain private social networks and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and for entertainers, educators, experts, businesses and organizations throughout the United States. Our private social sites and SaaS applications are scalable, reliable, fast, secure, and include account management and payment processing capabilities. 

Our team of UX/UI designers, developers, software engineers, and project managers has more than 22 years of experience building complex database-driven applications. We’ve worked in the government, non-profit, healthcare, finance, retail, entertainment, and service industries for small companies, startups, and big corporations. 

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What are Private Social Networks? 

A private social network is your own, members-only, website with many of the features you see on popular public social networks, controlled by you. With a private network you maintain control over content, can charge membership fees, add your own advertising, sell products and access to classes, allow users to sell products, and stay in contact with your friends, fans, or followers for business or personal reasons.

Private social sites are great for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Someone with a YouTube channel could start a private social site for their followers, a musician could start a private social site for fans, a business could start a private network for customers, and a school alumni group could start a private social site for members.

What are SaaS Applications?

A Software as a Service application, also known as a “SaaS” application, is a web-based software application that contains a front-end public area, a back-end administration area, payment processing capabilities, account management interface, content management, multiple user roles with access restrictions, and easy scalability. 

Some examples of the types of SaaS applications we build and maintain include learning management systems, ticketing and registration systems, appointment reservation systems, and member management applications for clubs. 

Notice: We only build private (closed) networks.