Website Maintenance – What is it?

Website maintenance is as important for keeping a website in good shape as household maintenance is for keeping a house in good shape. Nothing will continue to work efficiently if maintenance is ignored. Most people realize maintenance is important, but I get a lot of questions about what maintenance needs to be done on a website. I break it into the following three categories:

On-Demand Website Maintenance

On-demand maintenance involves anything a client contacts us and asks us to do right away. Examples of on-demand maintenance would include changing a photo, editing some text content, adding new content or changing a link.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance involves things we do every single month, without the client requesting them. Monthly maintenance would include updating plugins, installing software patches, emptying server cache, updating malware scanning applications, checking for server-side software updates and creating backups.

Quarterly Maintenance

Quarterly maintenance involves things we do each quarter, without the client requesting them. Quarterly maintenance would include full-site backups, checking server resource usage and potentially increasing allotted space or server bandwidth as a result, checking to see if plugins used on the website were added to the at-risk plugin list, checking accessibility (WCAG or Section 508) and running a robot scan to see if there are any potential SEO problems and then fixing them.


Those are my three general categories of maintenance. The exact requirements vary from client to client.

My goal is to make sure client websites stay up and running at top performance at all times. To accomplish that, on-going maintenance is an absolute requirement. If you’re not paying someone like me to do maintenance, you should be doing it yourself. Don’t ignore it!

If you want to find out how much it would cost for me to handle things for you, contact me via the link below.

– Tom

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