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More about us

Who are we?

We’re an experienced group of project managers, designers, developers and software engineers with more than 22 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. Our team has worked in the healthcare, government, service, logistics, and manufacturing industries. We all like to take on complex challenges and come up with creative solutions that improve your workflow, improve customer experience and help you make more money!

Where are we?

We’re a completely remote team working from home offices all over the country with our main home base in Port Saint Lucie, Florida on Florida’s Treasure Coast. All of us have been working remotely for more than a decade. While we don’t have an office that you can walk into, we are very easy to find online. We meet with clients via Zoom, phone, Slack, Skype, email, text message and even other customer requested methods whenever possible.

Aren’t agencies expensive and a pain in the ass to work with?

We’re well aware of the difficulties organizations face when dealing with web and digital agencies and don’t want anyone to run into those issues here. The problems seem to always involve three areas: Communication, Billing, and Deadlines. Here’s what we do to prevent problems in those areas:


  • We are easy to reach 24/7/365 online and respond to messages within 1 business day (usually same day within a few minutes).
  • We speak in easy to understand, non-technical, terms when possible and take time to teach clients how things work so they understand what we are doing.
  • We over-communicate to make sure things are clear.
  • We listen.
  • We make sure audio and video are clear and high quality.
  • No annoying BS to deal with.


  • No surprise bills! We agree to a payment process with you before starting the project that involves making payments on a specific schedule. If the scope of the project changes, we will immediately get with you to explain additional fees and adjust our plan.
  • We make it easy to pay. We accept payment via check, credit card and even ACH – No transaction fees!


  • We’ll be honest with you on deadlines – No over promising and under delivering, BUT you might not like the timeframes we provide. Honesty doesn’t always sound good. It’s sometimes impossible to know exactly when something will be done when building custom software applications and in those instances we will tell you “we don’t know”. Changing the requirements or poorly thought out requirements can also negatively impact deadlines.
  • We will not agree to unrealistic deadlines. You cannot demand that we be done by some specific deadline. That’s not how it works. If you want an application or website that works, you’ll let us do what we need to do.

We are different than agencies. You might not get excited about what we say but you’ll definitely get excited about what we build for you. We’re the friend who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Examples of the types of projects we work on:

  • Build Intranet site for employees with SharePoint on existing Microsoft 365 account
  • Design and build  multi-vendor eCommerce site for a retail company
  • Fix our WordPress website and make it faster
  • Build online ordering system for restaurant
  • Improve the user experience on our existing 5-year-old website (new build not an option, must fix neglected mess)
  • Design and build an inventory management application for a specialty apparel company
  • Design and build SaaS business management application for healthcare businesses with multiple user accounts with varying permissions and with responsive interface
  • Expand existing CRM application and integrate it with HRIS application
  • Build custom, scalable, CMS system for specialty service business
  • Build custom accounting system for small niche retail business
  • Figure out invoicing/billing system for lawn service contractor that can be used to send invoices via email and text, process payment and build several reports
  • Train a client’s staff on SEO
  • Train a client’s staff on Google Ads
  • Figure out a way to hold and stream public meetings that meets legal requirements for public access while meeting COVID-19 requirements

Our projects range from simple WordPress websites to complex custom PHP builds. We’re also experts at SEO, Google Ads and WordPress so we teach clients and their employees how to effectively use those tools. We do a lot so don’t hesitate to contact us about any type or size project.